Limited Time Release:

Awaken the Alchemist THE REPLAY

We are just wrapping up the latest round of...

Awaken the Alchemist!

This is the first container of it's kind to exist, that powerfully integrated:

Self-Mastery Elements

Creative Change Practices

Business Development Tools

Best Practices for Mindbody Mentorship

Spiritual Integration Practices

Soul-Level Connection Practices

Quantum Coaching Processes

Empowered Marketing Strategy

Done-For-You Templates

Audio Recorings + Session Scripts

Sample Contracts

Coching flow...

and so much more...

It has been INCREDIBLE. 

We invited women into this vortex who also had a journey to share with the world...

Powerful women who, from that journey, felt a mission and vision come into their awareness

(a vision that would NOT stop showing up)

Heart-centered women who heard that call, and said YES to that vision to begin their careers as powerful 

Mind-Body Mentors and Coaches

They showed up.

They integrated these elements into their bones...

And now, they are holding space for their own clients - helping them to open their eyes to the wisdom of their bodies, and the strength of their minds.

Awaken the Alchemist packed-in SO many amazing resources,

Helped facilitate SUCH deep transformations, 

And called these women higher than they'd EVER been called before. 

And I know there were many of you who wanted in...

who heard that call...

who wanted to join...

but just could't make it happen at that time.

And I totally get that.

Life happens. 

We all have pets, kids, grandkids, husbands, wives, careers, responsibilities, priorities...


 We might also have this persistent little voice in our head that chimes in and says:

"Who do I think I am to start mentoring others? I'm not perfect yet!"

"I'm not worthy of THIS kind of investment in myself..."

"I'll probably fail!"

"Could I even handle it if I succeeded?!"

"Maybe I don't have enough credentials, certificates, trainings under my belt yet!"

And maybe you listened to that voice?

Maybe you even agreed with that voice?

Well, I'm here to tell you: 

That voice is 100% 


It has been SUCH a magical journey...

With SO many breakthroughs, transformations, actionable resources, and user-ready tools that you can literally implement and share with your soul-level clients as soon as you go through each element AND DECIDE that THIS is your calling!

Inside this container, there's literally EVERYTHING you'd need to begin holding space for others as a 

Mind-Body Mentor

And I'm offering it now (for a super short time) as a 

Self-Study Replay!


...for those of you who are wanting to join our business coaching portal (PioneerU) where you'll receive weekly group support in implementing the action steps needed to get your medicine out there, you'll be able to get your hands on the ATA REPLAY for FREE!

Want more info on this bonus?

Reach out to Katelyn via email HERE and mention PioneerU!

Are you in?

This was a HIGH-TICKET, high-level program, and now you can get all the goodness for... 

ATA original program price: $12,000

Your price: $1997 

Hand it over!

Here's What We Cover...

Element 1: Your Greatest Expansion

We are ALL infinite souls living inside of human bodies - and as such, we are either living in a state of expansion or a state of contraction. Love ... or fear. And in this element, we go over how you can tap into your highest vision for your life and your business, as well as how you can hold space for that level of expansion to enter into every single one of your coaching conversations.

Element 2: Allowing your Vision to BE

This element includes ALL that one needs to begin putting your story, your mission and your vision OUT there so that you may become the person you see yourself to be within your highest vision. This element simplifies the whole process of putting your work out there, while encouraging you to still make the journey your own. From Vision to the Sale. This is the element that will help you get out of your own way and get SOLD on who you are and what you do.

Element 3: Supporting Your Expansion

This element brings you back to yourself. If we are not nurturing our own mindbody system, we make it much harder on ourselves to hold space for the ones we are serving. This element is all about creating a life that fills you up. We go over a (non-demoninational) daily spiritual practice, and we also learn how to connect to our clients soul-to-soul, before we even meet them.

Element 4: The Alchemy of Integration

In this element we guide you on how to integrate those disowned parts of yourself, so that you may guide your clients through the same process. We take a look at the 4 main survival shadows, and we learn processes on how to integrate the Separated Soma (physical sensations). 

Element 5: Becoming a DIFFERENT Kind of Mindbody Coach 

Do you want to be a coach who directs attention to the problems within your clients by asking about pain scores, and offering advice around what to DO to "fix" what's showing up for them? OR, would you rather be a powerful source of authentic presence for your clients by helping them move through the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of their lives, whilst being a powerful holder of sacred space? This element teaches all the ways in which you can do that, and also includes sample coaching contracts, best practices, and ethical standards in a mentorship relationship.

Element 6: Quantum Coaching Processes:

Fill your toolbox with 12 POWERFUL guided processes that you can take your clients through that honor their inner wisdom and put the power back into their own hands. Learn how to tap into their unique symbolic model of the world, and discover how you can gently guide them create their own solutions within that model.

Element 7: The Alchemy of Intention

This is the secret sauce in transforming ALL of our lives. This element will help you learn to create powerful intentions for your own life, while also helping you to re-direct your client's power back into their own hands through this form of powerful inner Alchemy.

Element 8: The Alchemy of Connection

This element will teach you how to connect with your soul-level clients in an authentic, empowering, and integrous way. You'll learn how to create and implement your Empowered Marketing Plan, as well as several bonus videos that help guide you through FB ad basics.

Element 9: Your Next Greatest Expansion

This element will help you to integrate the Truth that our expansion on this planet is never truly done. It will help you synchronize your intentions with your creations so that the next aligned steps are always emerging from your own creative genius. 


You're invited to join in on the replay! And if you're wanting deeper support, this course will be gifted to you in the PioneerU Support Portal!


ATA Original Price: $12,000

Your price: $1997