So... you're thinking about turning your pain into PURPOSE, but aren't really sure HOW to do that?  

Have you been through your own brand of inner and outer transformation?

A journey that took you YEARS, lots of tears, trial, error, falling, rising, and starting over again?

Have you noticed that ever since your breakthrough, that you've felt a fire beginning to burn in your belly?

A persistant vision that keeps coming back...

A feeling within your spirit that says: 



This fire in your belly that started blazing in the triumphs and trials of your own jouney.

You can't stop thinking about it!

The idea of helping others through their pain, through their struggle.

Holding that sacred space.

Being a torchbearer for them, holding the light inside of their inner caverns...

You can SEE yourself doing it! 

You can FEEL how rewarding it would be to BE that person for others!

Maybe you've attended some seminars!

Some online courses!

Some free trainings!

Webinars for DAYS!

Maybe you've been stalking all of the free resources online, trying to piece things together but you're still no farther along than you were the DAY you noticed that fire in your belly to SERVE...


maybe you've made the DECISION one day to GO for it! 

You activate your inner Leader archetype...

You ride that wave of inspiration for a little while...

But eventually, you lose momentum as you begin to think about the HOW...

The nuts and bolts...

Wondering how you'll be able to implement what you're feeling/seeing into your life and business by yourself...

...and it seems that the more you look at the bigger picture, the closer you creep toward... dun... dun... DUNNNN!

EXISTENTIAL DREAD!!! (Oh God, here it comes...)

  • Not-good-enough-itis!
  • Not-ready-yet-fluenza!
  • Oh-God-what-will-they-say-aphobia!
  • Maybe-I'll-just-hide-again-sclerosis!
  • Who-am-I-to-lead-anyway-inoma!

This is literally how it plays out when you're e x p a n d i n g as a human being, entrepreneur and business owner!

So, if you've been feeling like a failure for noticing all these programs arising within you...

Take heart - it ONLY means that you are on the right path!

This is the path that we take as we move into the role of expanded healer of humanity!

NO ONE is immune to these programs!

And if you're going it alone, it's REALLY easy to keep them running as we slip into self-sabotage and contraction...

it's really EASY to decide to just STAY where we are (or run full-speed-ahead back to our comfort zones).

This is why having SUPPORT while you expand is ESSENTIAL

Being the lone wolf/introvert solo-preneuer in the age of endless online-only self-study courses, all geared toward survival-based-marketing, Facebook Ad Magick, and promises of overnight millions via "This One-Size-Fits-All Formula" is a recipe for near-instant overwhelm, CONTRACTION and a loss of connecton to your Soul's unique mission on this earth.

The noise you hear out in the marketplace is outated, icky and I think we can ALL feel that. 

This level of rampant shiny-object syndrome is exactly why I've created the Soul-Level Mentors Movement...

...a movement of leaders, coaches, mentors and healers all leading from what their SOUL has integrated and transcended so that they may deliver their unique medicine to their clients...

The soul-level movement is all about EMPOWERMENT

And it's my personal mission to bring sacred leaders together in a wave of empowred expansion, connection and inspiration...

... to create circles of support that fully nurture the healer/coach and deliver FREEDOM to our clients and patients!

It's time to rise together!

Will you join us?

You are a healer. You ARE a leader. And we NEED you to RISE.

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Current Offerings

Soul-Level Mentors' MASTERMINDS

Soul-Level Mentors is a sacred portal of support for heart-centered healers, mentors, practitioners and leaders who are ready to reinvent their life, their business, and their industry so that they can unleash a movement of their own creation that delivers true transformation and empowerment to the planet!

Level 1: EMPOWER The Empowered Healers' Circle Group Mastermind

Join a cohort of incredible healers, leaders, and service providers in a powerful group masterind experience where we will:  

  • Plan and Execute on our highest vision for our life and business 
  • Use our intuitive and creative genius to download and activate our next most-aligned steps. 
  • Learn and integrate powerful mind-body-spirit practices to begin implementing with our clients and patients.  
  • Learn how to help our patients and clients integrate the EMOTIONS, the shadow, and the diembodied aspects of Self that are subtly creating inner turmoil via a heightened nervous system. 
  • Upgrade our Nervous Systems to allow financial abundance to LAND without self-sabotage patterns interjecting. 
  • Curate our expanded containers of support that serve our clients more deeply, bring forth more abundance, and integrate our most expanded and grounded gifts and transformations.  


  • A 4-month Container of Support with Katelyn and a cohort of sacred healers all expanding into their next levels of service to humanity  
  • Biweekly Group Mastermind Meetings per month via ZOOM (or in person, depending on who joins up)  
  • Personalized support 2 days per week in Katelyn's Team Management Software (Tuesday-Wednesday)  
  • Access to any and all recordings, processes, scripts, tools, and resources that we unfold during our work together 
Apply for a 1:1 Expansion Call

Level 2: EXPAND The Empowered Healers' Circle Expanded Mastermind + 1:1 Support

Enjoy ALL the benefits of the Level 1 Mastermind, AND receive personalized 1:1 Support from Katelyn 

  • Download your most expanded vision for your life and business
  • Learn how to integrate a daily spiritual practice that supports your life and business on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etheric, tantric)
  • Simplify and gain clarity on the business processes and practices that will help you to naturally evolve on your journey to the next level of your business
  • Learn how to connect deeply with your soulmate clients before you even meet them
  • Shed layers of unworthiness that come up to be seen and transmuted as we expand beyond our comfort zones
  • Surrender to pleasure all along the way


  • A 4-month Container of Support with Katelyn and a cohort of sacred healers all expanding into their next levels of service to humanity 
  • (1) 1:1 Deep Dive Call with Katelyn every 5-6 weeks + (1) Brainstorming Session to kick-off the container (4 total sessions)
  • Biweekly Group Mastermind Meetings each month via ZOOM
  • Personalized support, website help, copy editing, etc. 4 days per week in Katelyn's Team Management Software (Tuesday-Friday) 
  • Access to any and all recordings, processes, scripts, tools, and resources that we unfold during our work together

Level 3: EVOLVE The Empowered Healers' Circle VIP Mastermind + 1:1 Support + Costa Rica Retreat!

Enjoy ALL the benefits of Levels 1 AND 2, AND join Katelyn on her Empowered Healers' Retreat! 

  • Raise your standards for your life and business by integrating sacred spiritual practices, ceremonies, and processes
  • Practice presence and deep intuitive direction as we sit with one another in person
  • Learn how to sell, close and empower your soulmate clients to go on the journey of growth with you 
  • Learn integrous, empowered marketing strategy that will guide you to lead humanity in the direction of infinite possibilities


  • A 6-month Container of Support with Katelyn and a cohort of sacred healers all expanding into their next levels of service to humanity 
  • A 5-day Mastermind Retreat in Costa Rica that will help you upgrade your life and business on all levels
  • (1) 1:1 Deep Dive Call with Katelyn every Month + (1) Brainstorming Session to kick-off the container (7 total calls)
  • (2) Group Mastermind Meetings per month via ZOOM
  • Personalized support (technical applications, website copy editing, feedback on social copy, etc.) 4 days per week in Katelyn's Team Management Software (Tuesday-Friday) 
  • Access to any and all recordings, processes, scripts, tools, and resources that we unfold during our work together 

Become a Mindbody Mentor! The Awaken the Alchemist Self-Study Replay 

Awaken the Alchemist is a program is designed to serve women who have been through their own brand of inner transformation, and are now hearing the call from deep within to begin holding space for others in a coaching/mentoring capacity. This container is designed to empower each woman to not only transform their own pain into purpose, but it will teach each woman how to empower their clients to do the same. 

This was a high-ticket container, and I know not everyone was able to join us on the first round, so we're re-releasing the self-study portion and ALL the goodness that landed within those elements for a FRACTION of the price.

Once you enter into this container, you will be a part of a powerful collective of empowered women, who are poised to shift human consciousness from pain... to Purpose!

Awaken the Alchemist:

9 Powerful Self Study Elements

High-Quality Resources, Audio Recordings, PDF Guides, Quantum Process Scripts, Sample Forms, Contracts, etc. to help you get started on your Mentorship journey.

The first 10 (1 spot left!) Sign-ups will receve a 1:1 Deep-Dive Call with Katelyn!

Yes, Please!